About ByKenKaz & Associates


Orange Coast College computing lab, Gregory Kaszynski and Sean Kennedy meet. Their first conversation about using arrays in coding leads to friendship and later a business association.

In order to not search out the best (386 CPU's with 4M RAM) computers in the lab and avoid it's (ridiculously early) 12 midnight closing they began working on computers to have better equipment for use at home.
Axel Sorenson was the night lab supervisor at OCC and the Sunday hack sessions at his garage helped them on the path to computer hardware enlightenment.

Spring 1994
They officially start ByKenKaz Associates by filing the d.b.a. papers.
The name
is a play on the DOS 8.3 file naming convention and the first business cards read "Computer Services ByKenKaz & Associates", ByKenKaz meaning "by Kennedy and Kaszynski".

Summer 1994
In order to keep the required credit count Greg takes the "Introduction to Networking" course at OCC's sister college Coastline Community College. He has a revelation about the future of computing and starts taking their networking certificate program concurrently with OCC's one for a programming certificate.

1995 to 1998
The business grows by word of mouth, and from residential to business computers, networks and systems.

Sean leaves the partnership to pursue pure programming projects and is now part of the Symantec organization.

He remains a highly valued resource in both software and hardware, as well as a good friend.

Greg branches out into various digital media and other technology areas.

Vince joins as an associate and Greg starts motorcycle retail parts business.

Jim and Eric join as associates.

2003 to Present
Greg concentrates on Media Production but continues his role as Technology Consultant (hired gun) and roving Information Services Manager for small to mid-sized business. Other associates continue in their areas of expertise.

Our Rates:

We bill from zero to one hundred fifty dollars per hour depending on the situation.

Generally for computing work

Business computers start at $85.00 per hour, including Internet access.

Networked computers start at $95.00 per hour and up depending on the complexity of the system.

Network systems with Servers start at $115.00 and up depending on intricacy.

Special consideration is given to people with needs, particularly

Single parents


Untenured Instructors

Automotive and fabrication priced on case by case basis.

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